Official motion design logo and subtitle for FNQLHSSC

Last September, the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC) mandated us to finalize eighteen video as part of their agreement with Avenir d’enfants for early childhood development.


Those capsules had already been shot and edited, our team had to finish the capsules in post-production on several stages.


First, with the collaboration of motion designer Jean-François Duguay, we had to rethink and create the concept of a new official animated logo of the commission. While respecting the graphic chart of the static logo we animated the goose emblem.


Secondly, Philippe Sioui Durand created the sound design logo with in addition to making re-recorded mixing for all video capsules.


Thirdly, we have included in the majority of videos the French and English sub-titles.


In short, the organisation commissioned our team to make the most of the impact of the use of the audio and visual post-production offered.

Official motion designed logo :

Subtitling example video produced :

Credits :

Motion designer : Jean-François Duguay

Sound design and mix : Philippe Sioui Durand

Subtitles integration, pre-production and production : Yändata’