Client : La Boite Rouge Vif

Deliverables : Re-recorded mixing of Subsistances art film by the artist Raphaëlle de Groot as part of the Repères / Landmark 2017 project. The artist proposes a trip to the Côte-Nord (Qc) region to meet the people of the Mingan Archipelago until her arrival in Nutashkuan.

Project : audio post-production

Credits :

A film by Raphaëlle de Groot
images : Raphaëlle De Groot, Maxime Girard, Léo Harvey-Côté, Charlotte Lalou Rousseau
Editors :Raphaëlle de Groot & Maxime Girard
Re-recorded mixing and editing : Philippe Sioui Durand
Music by : Diego Cofone, Saverio Damiani, Mirko Sabatini, Samuele Venturin
Compositor: Mirko Sabatini
Producter : La Boîte Rouge Vif
Production: Partners in Art
39 minutes

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