Ondinnok video design for Tlakentli

Work : Digital removing processing (rotoscopy) of peoples on this video.

Work : Archives researches and editing videos of the Mexican revolution (1920’s).

Client : Ondinnok

Deliverables : Design and production of the visual supports (videos projection) for Tlakentli theater show at cinquième salle de la Place des Art between 14th and march 16th, 2019 in Montreal.

Project : pre-production (design and archives research), postproduction (including visual editing).

Year : 2019

Credits :

Producer and co-designer : Philippe Sioui Durand (Yändata’)

Writers and creators : Leticia Vera and Carlos Rivera Martínez (Ondinnok)

Director : Yves Sioui Durand (Ondinnok)

Editor, co-designer : Daniel Brière (Yändata’)

Ondinnok Coaticlue animation

Work : This gif present a glitch effect realized in post-production.

In the press :