NISIDOTAM Whiteboard animation for the FNHRDCQ and CRISPESH


Delivrable : creation of an Whiteboard animation which aims to summarize all the key elements of an integrated definition of disability. We also did the video editing of filmed testimonies and finally the design of the logo of the project for the NISIDOTAM project.


Project : motion design, post-production et visual design


Year : 2021

"Voice's from the communities" videos :

You can watch directly by this link all of the “voice’s from the communities” filmed testimonies here.

Credits :

Executive producer : Philippe Sioui Durand


NISIDOTAM whiteboard animation :
Illustrator and logo designer : Marie-Philippe Gros-Louis
Illustrator : Annie Roux, Audrey St-Arneauld
Motion designer : Olivier Bergeron
Screenplay consultant : Louis-Philippe Tremblay


“Voice’s from the communities” videos :
Director and editor : Daniel Brière
Logo designer : Marie-Philippe Gros-Louis
Translator : Julie Lebon