Love is a Whole Other Creature

Client : Maia Iotzova

Deliverables : Sound editing of the video installation Love is a Whole Other Creature by the filmmaker Maia Iotzova. Her project reveals 60 video portraits that have been captured from the Balkans to Canada as a way to try to define what love is. The setup consists of four screens and a multi-channel sound, two of them have a sound and visual soundtrack that are integrated in parallel and synchronicity. The exhibition was at Center Mai from February 3 to 11, 2017 in Montreal.

Project : Audio post-production (live video act sound editing)

Credits :

Director : Maia Iotzova
Mixing : Bruno Bélanger (PRIM)
Sound editing : Philippe Sioui Durand (Yändata’)
Sound editing collaborator : Mélanie Gauthier
Co-production : PRIM – Centre MAI