Inuk Butterfly

Client : Canadian Race Relations Foundation

Livrables : Complete documentary production (scriptwriting, sets booking, filming and full editing).

Projet : Pre-production, 4K production, post-production

Year : 2020

Story :

Olivia Lya Thomassie is an Inuk woman following her path through art. Beading, photography and tattooing are her defense against prejudice and difficulty.


This documentary explores her complex search for identity in the face of culture shock. Her resilience and her thirst for adventure mirror the flight of a butterfly in nature or in the immense urban landscape.

Broadcaster :

CBC Educational website,, (in English) :


Société Radio-Canada portail Internet éducatif,, (en Français) :

Infos :

Language : French (with english subtitles)

Duration : 22 minutes

Formats : 4K and HD

Subtitles : French and english

Credits :

Starring : Olivia Lya Thomassi, Nancy Saunders

An Original idea of :
Olivia Lya Thomassi, Nicolas Renaud, Philippe Sioui Durand

Producer : Philippe Sioui Durand

Script advisor : Louis-Philippe Tremblay

Director of photography : Nicolas Renaud

Sound mixer : Philippe Sioui Durand

Production assistant : Andrés Solis

Editors : Daniel Brière, Andrés Solis

Musician : Simon Riverin

Re-recorded sound mixer : Philippe Sioui Durand

Motion design : Jean-François Duguay

Translator : France Verville

Special thanks to : Geneviève Farley-Tremblay, Salon Equinoxe Tattoo (Montréal), Jacynthe De Rocker

Additional images : Olivia Lya Thomassie, Pond5, Pexels

A Yändata’ film

This project has been made possible in part by Government of Canada.

© 2020 La Fondation Canadienne des Relations Raciales