Innu Nikamu : Sing Resistance

Source : Trailer of the documentary, Vidéographe

Client : Terre Innue

Deliverables : In May 2017, the Innu Nikamu : sing resistance’s production team asked our founder, Philippe, to edit and mix the long version of the documentary intended for festivals and juries (rough mix). Innu Nikamu festival has over 33 years of history, a lot of indigenous singers passed during those years at Maliotenam. The launch of the official version of the film was at the 46th Festival du nouveau cinéma on 10 October 2017.

Project :  re-recorded «Rough » audio mix of the festival documentary.

Credits :

Documentary (92 minutes)
Director : Kevin Bacon-Hervieux
Producer : Terre Innue (Ian Boyd, Réginald Vollant, Andrée-Anne Frenette)
Re-recorded sound mixing of the Festival version : Philippe Sioui Durand (Yändata’)
Sound design and mix of the original version : Catherine Van Der Donckt & Benoit Dame
Release date : diffusion à APTN et Canal D en 2018
Distribution : Videographe

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