Yändata’ is an Indigenous production company that combines the creation of audiovisual content with creativity. We meet the needs of businesses, artists and organizations of the First Nations of Quebec. We provide complete project management and advise on the best choice of digital communications tools. Our fields of expertise are production (film, motion design), post-production, development and distribution of content.

Self-determination, cultural transmission and the commitment of community members in order to develop their know-how over the course of the projects, differentiate us and inspire us.

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Participate in the development of Quebec’s Indigenous communities and its members in urban areas by mentoring them in the field of technologies in order to perpetuate the tradition, position themselves in the present and build the anchors of the future.



Build a production house that will be an economic model for urban First Nations peoples. Through the development of knowledges, cultural transmission and the production of innovative content linked to the territory.



Empowerment (through creativity), stimulation (by enthusiasm and challenges) and tradition (respect).


The Meaning of the word Yändata’

Yändata’ means village in Wendat. As our language is very pictorial it is actually a gathering of traditional longhouses. We chose this word for its unifying and collective spirit.



We chose the Wendat water drum for its power and its unique sound which makes by its vibrations. Our roots connect with our creations, which attempt to capture the essence of collective knowledge and the orality traditions and its rhythms.



↳ Film (web content, documentary, branded content / corporate, HR recruitment, social)
↳ Motion design


↳ Video post : editing, color grading, subtitling
↳ Audio post : re-recording mixing and editing, podcast, audio restoration

Content development and delivery

↳ Creative, audiovisual and diffusion strategic planning for Indigenous market
↳ Projects management (productions and assets)


Philippe Sioui Durand

Founder and executive producer

Philippe is a member of the Huron-Wendat Nation. Before he founded Yändata’,  he had a professional experience of more than ten years in audio post-production field. From radio, advertising, french dubbing, documentary and feature film, he collaborated with several recording studios and corporate clients. He holds a Certificate at the HEC Montréal in Innovation management and a second Certificate in Musique numérique from Université de Montréal. Philippe also, completed First Nations Studies program at the same institution. Spring 2019, he started a new professional development Certificate in Executive Production in Creative industries at McGill University. Philippe graduate from Art et technologies des médias program in 2005.

Jacynthe De Rocker

Production assistant & Accounting

Jacynthe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and has completed an attestation of collegial study in accounting. As member of the Abenaki nation of Odanak, she is positioning herself for the development of Indigenous entrepreneurship and aspires to contribute to the reality of urban members of First Nations.

Jean-François Duguay

Motion and graphic designer

With 25 years of experience as a freelancer as a graphic designer, Jean-François has added motion design to his arc. He has worked for companies such as RDS, CTV, Météomédia and CH Group. It ensures the creation, design and graphic animation of your communication media. Passionate about the image and attentive to detail, he advocates a sense of aestheticism.


↳ First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC)

↳ First Nations of Quebec Labrador Economic Development Commission (FBQLEDC)

↳ First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Sustainable Development Institute (FNQLSDI)

↳ First Nations Human Resources Development Commission of Québec (FNHRDCQ)

↳ First Nations of Quebec-Labrador Youth Network (Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador (AFNQL)

↳ Native Montreal

↳ Ondinnok

↳ Montréal First Peoples Festival (Terre en Vues)

↳ Montreal Indigenous community Network

↳ New Patways Foundation

↳ La Boîte Rouge Vif

↳ Natasha Kanapé-Fontaine

↳ Canadian Race Relations Foundation

↳ Ville de Montréal