Yändata inc. is an Indigenous production company by and for the First Nations of Quebec. We designs and produces original and commissioned creations for the web and are adaptable to all formats.

Our mission :

Participate in the development of Quebec’s Indigenous communities and its members in urban areas by mentoring them in the field of technologies in order to perpetuate the tradition, position themselves in the present and build the anchors of the future.

Our vision :

Build a production house that will be an economic model for urban First Nations peoples. Through the development of knowledges, cultural transmission and the production of innovative content linked to the territory.

Our values :

Empowerment (through creativity), stimulation (by enthusiasm and challenges) and tradition (respect).

The meaning of the word Yändata' :

Yändata’ means village in Wendat. As our language is very pictorial it is actually a gathering of traditional longhouses. We chose this word for its unifying and collective spirit.

Our logo design :

Yändata’s official signature is an original creation of Terry Randy Awashish from atikamekw nation.

Our emblem :

We chose the Wendat water drum for its power and its unique sound which makes by its vibrations. Our roots connect with our creations, which attempt to capture the essence of collective knowledge and the orality traditions and its rhythms.